Bestsellers from Kindle and Nook

Battle of the Bestsellers – Kindle vs Nook

There have been some vague announcements originating from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, regarding the Amazon Kindle and the Nook. Each company has declared them both the best ever selling product. Although the related “numbers” are vague, the estimated sales for Kindle in 2010 are over eight million units. According to a Barnes & Noble statement, the Nook although slightly less popular, is estimated to be also in the “millions”.

While this is not a particular surprise to anyone, as eReaders have been increasing in popularity for several years, the estimated sales exceeded the expectations of most. Another factor of greater importance for retailers is that analysts predict continued growth for the coming year. If this expected growth occurs, eBooks could be placed in a dominant position over traditional print media.

There have already been some indications of growth implications of the Kindle and Nook, with reports of over a million books downloaded on Christmas day by Barnes & Noble customers. Adding to this the Agency Model of eBook pricing seems to be fading. This was demonstrated by the average price of books in the Top 100 Kindle Books list and the Barnes & Noble Top 100 list.

Because of the streamlined processing of eBooks, it is a possibility that a price difference in favor of the consumer will show in the marketplace. The criteria for this, is that a product requiring no physical processing, is sold at the same cost as its shipped equivalent. In both instances, publishers and authors earn the same for their labors.

The “Bestseller” announcements are at least positive news for the Kindle vs Nook contest and some good has occurred in the past years, by the driving of eReaders forward. It is a milestone for the product lines of both companies and observers will be interested to see what happens in the future.