Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits to Fathering Illegitimate Son

Maria Shriver, the wife of California’s former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has requested sympathy and privacy from the media (and the public in general) while she works her way through the news that her husband of 25 years fathered an illegitimate child during their marriage.

Approximately 10 years ago, Schwarzenegger had an affair with a member of his housekeeping staff which resulted in her becoming pregnant and ultimately giving birth to a son.

The California power couple had recently separated and there had been a great deal of speculation in the media about what the cause might have been.  Until yesterday, the actual truth was not known.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Schwarzenegger confessed his transgressions to Maria recently.

He had done so prior to leaving his position as governor.

In a public statement on the matter, Schwarzenegger, 63, said that he would take full responsibility for his actions and the subsequent damage that they have caused to his family and friends.

It was also reported in the Times that the woman with whom he had an affair and child continued to work for him at his home until January of this year.  It was also revealed that he provides ongoing financial support for the child as well.

Hannah Montana and Arnold Schwarzenegger Connection

Miley Cyrus recently found in her possession a mobile phone number which put her in touch with son of former governor of California and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to Hollywood sources, Miley took a shine to Patrick Schwarzenegger as soon as she laid eyes on him and her sentiments may indeed have been returned. Selena Gomez, who is currently hooked up with Justin Bieber forming the most A-list of teen-couples in Hollywood, supplied the digits and the rest is about to become history.

The two met in Malibu in March for a lunch date and fell hopelessly “in like” almost in an instant. They then met again and again to share coffee, leading to widespread speculation that the wild child is indeed pushing for a romance with the Governator’s son.

Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish are said to fully support the idea of the two pairing off – the Schwarzeneggers on the other hand being not quite so much enamored. Will the boy draw her into the conservative circles or will the girl lead him into the wilds of Hollywood?

Of course, Arnold and Maria are in no position to fairly judge the young couple, considering their own messy separation after 25 years of marriage. Will this new coupling have on any influence on their own troubled relationship?

We are talking Hollywood here. The party scene, nightclubs, drinks and dance floors. Hard to say how serious the connection will be. Insiders conclude that by the time everyone/anyone figures it all out, the budding crush/love affair will have played itself out.

Calm down Billy Ray. Relax Arnold. What is now a burning love may be dying embers before it can have an impact on your/their future happiness.  Listen for an “aw shucks” from Billy Ray and a sigh of relief from Arnold.

Is There a Fan Base for Terminator 5 Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Those with excellent memories of movies will recall Terminator 2 as the final good film Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in before embracing a political career. In the five years prior to his stint in politics, he made Predator, The Running Man, Twins, Total Recall and Kindergarten Cop. One acceptable film after Terminator 2 was true lies. Not good presentations included Junior, Eraser, Jingle All the Way. Then it got worse with Batman & Robin andLast Action Hero.

In addition, Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation descended from then on. Currently, there is a plan to resurrect the series with aTerminator 5 that is unnamed as of today. The big question asked is, how can Schwarzenegger return to movie star great status in this fifth vehicle in the series?

Consider Sylvester Stallone in his Rocky series and Bruce Willis in his Die Hard movies. How could Schwarzenegger optimize a fifth movie in the Terminator saga? He can begin with a return to being on the dark side, in the villainous persona. In any case, unless and until, Schwarzenegger approves the script, no other decisions will matter.

His business sense has likely been honed to an even sharper degree by years in politics. Will his business sense affect his decision either for or against? Or, will his decision to act in the film be based solely on the script he is now evaluating?