Trouble Brewing for Westwood College in Colorado

Westwood College has been under considerable scrutiny in the State of Colorado since falling into disfavor with with a national group responsible for accreditation.  As a result, education officials within the State have been debating whether or not to place the troubled university on probation.

The institution maintains a campus in North Denver which is attended by approximately 600 students. Although this is the one currently under scrutiny, its southern location and online campus may also be impacted depending on rulings from the National Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges – which is expected in December.

The College has been scrambling to do what it can to avoid being placed on probation.  Having this occur would mean serious repercussions for the institution.  Attorneys for Westwood College argue that students and graduates would be hurt the most if the State decided to pursue probation.

At issue are the College’s recruitment and management practices.  An investigation which occurred during the summer revealed that the College encouraged students who were applying to lie on federal student loan applications.

Although the College conducted its own internal investigation and found no wrongdoing had taken place, both the national sanctioning body and the state regulatory authorities must still complete their investigation before any final decision is made with regard to probation.